Juneteenth Celebration and LISA Academy Statement

In these challenging times of racial tension, we feel that it is important to speak up for those in our LISA Academy family who are suffering. It is evident that right now a particular group of our family, those who are members of the black and African American community, are suffering in ways that are unique to them.  As we continue to embrace and promote diversity, our black students are at the heart of who and why we serve.  Too many black lives have been needlessly lost through systemic racism and discrimination – Change Must Come!  We support the efforts of the Black Lives Matter movement to bring justice where there has been injustice for too long, and to work toward understanding and unity.

LISA Academy is a diverse school and works to support all students. Racism and discrimination are not acceptable in any form and must be addressed with honesty, empathy, and openness if we, as a society, want to become better.  LISA Academy has begun new conversations around these topics with a group of staff members to discover how our schools can better understand and support our black staff and students and their families.  As we expand these conversations to include students and their families, we hope to develop better policies, services, and support that put into action our desire to better serve our students.

Your voice is important in this conversation.  Schools should be arenas for progress, learning, building community and working to make education accessible and equitable for all.  For this to work we must all be involved in the process and we must all be honest about ourselves and our perspectives.  Becoming better as a school and a community will require us to confront some uncomfortable misconceptions and really listen.  This will not be a quick fix, but will require a process of a paradigm shift toward a more equitable framework for our students and their children.

We want to embrace this opportunity and invite you to join us in our efforts.  We will be publicizing updates regarding LISA Listens and will ask for your input as we all move forward – Together We are Mighty!