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LISA Academy is proud to offer a proven STEM-focused curriculum that engages students in building the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills needed to succeed in the 21st Century. Though this STEM curriculum is embedded across our schools, there are two standout opportunities that highlight LISA's commitment to STEM education: the annual Arkansas STEM Festival, and our campus-based Makerspaces.
Arkansas STEM Festival
LISA Academy hosts a yearly celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math by inviting students from across Arkansas to participate in the Arkansas STEM Festival in Little Rock. To discover more about this year's STEM festival, project guidelines, and more info on how your student can get involved click here!
LISA Academy Makerspace
LISA Academy Makerspace aims to provide a student-centered learning environment where students can engage in design thinking, tinkering, and engineering. The Makerspace will also provide educators with a space to expand their curriculum beyond the confines of a traditional classroom, providing useful tools to engage students. The Makerspace is a free, shared space open to people of all ages, from all disciplines. Click here to learn more about our Makerspaces!