LISA Academy Solar Car Team Shines


LISA North Middle/High students returned home this week after participating in the National Solar Car Competition at Dallas Motor Speedway. Some of the team's major accomplishments include:

🥇 FIRST PLACE for mechanical drawing (3D and 2D designs of the car)
🤓 5th place in the overall race category out of 22 teams (this year competing in a more challenging division than in years past)
🐆 Being the only Solar Car Team representing the state of Arkansas
🙌 Learning collaboration, gracious professionalism, public speaking, welding, and discipline while building an incredible car that harnessed the power of the sun!

Thank you to our team members, families, and coaches and mentors for giving us their time, expertise, and resources to help us achieve your goals. We are #LISAgrateful for you!

Stay tuned to our page for updates about next year's team. 


Here is team facebook page for more photos and videos posted: