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College and Career Readiness

The mission of LISA Academy is to provide an academically rigorous college preparatory program, in partnership with students, families, and the community, guiding all students in gaining the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to direct their lives, improve a diverse society, and excel in a changing world by providing dynamic, resource-rich learning environments.
One way we accomplish this goal is through College Guidance services and Career Readiness programs. Please click on the links below to access resources through our high school counseling sites: 
These websites also offer resources including: 
  • High school course catalogues and graduation requirements
  • Information on AP and concurrent courses
  • ACT and SAT prep
  • College application, admissions, and financial aid information
  • Career pathway descriptions and resource
  • Community service opportunities and logs
Beginning in 6th grade through 12th grade, LISA students are encouraged to participate in our College Readiness and Leadership Program (CRLP), a mentorship program aimed at providing academic and social opportunities to prepare high achievers in quest of higher education need in order to develop STEM, leadership, and teamwork skills which are vital to the real world experiences that they will face outside of high-school.
For more information regarding the CRLP program, please visit our Parent and Family Engagement website here