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Special Education

 Special education means specially designed instruction, at no cost to the parents, to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability. The term child with a disability means a child evaluated in accordance with Arkansas State Special Education Regulations as having an intellectual disability, a hearing impairment (including deafness), a speech or language impairment, a visual impairment (including blindness), serious emotional disturbance (referred to in this part as “emotional disturbance”), an orthopedic impairment, autism, traumatic brain injury, an other health impairment, a specific learning disability, deaf-blindness, or multiple disabilities, and who, by reason thereof, needs special education and related services.
Arkansas Special Education includes instruction and related services provided by local school districts for a student who is a "child with a disability" according to federal criteria:
  • Autism
  • Deaf-Blindness
  • Hearing Impairment (including Deafness)
  • Emotional Disturbance
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Multiple Disabilities
  • Orthopedic Impairment
  • Other Health Impairment
  • Speech or Language Impairment
  • Specific Learning Disability
  • Visual Impairment 
For questions and details regarding special education services please reach out to your local campus administration for more information