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LISA Leads: A 5 Year Strategic Plan

Opening its first campus in 2004, LISA Academy is a tuition-free STEM-focused college prep charter network serving nearly nearly 3,800 students in 10 schools across 8 campuses in Central and Northwest Arkansas. Enrollment projections anticipate that LISA will grow to serve approximately 5700 students across 11 campuses over the next 5 years. With this growth in mind, LISA Academy partnered with Bellwether, a nationally recognized educational consulting agency, to create "LISA Leads: A 5 Year Strategic Plan" that will guide the district's growth from 2022-27. 
With input from current students and families, alumni, campus and district staff, and school board members, this strategic plan includes a comprehensive overview of district successes over the past 19 years, highlights areas of opportunity, and sets rigorous goals for future growth. As a result, this information was distilled into three tools that will guide the implementation of the plan across the district: 
  • Student Success Profile
  • 5-Year Intended Impact Goals
  • Strategic Priorities
With the continued support of LISA students, staff, families, and community, this strategic plan ensures a future in which all LISA students are equipped and empowered to Learn, Innovate, Support, and Achieve at their highest potential. 
Student Success Profile
After gathering feedback from the LISA community, we articulated the qualities of the ideal LISA graduate in a "Student Success Profile": 
5 Year Intended Impact Goals
Informed by where we are and where we want to be as a district, we defined a set of 5-year intended impact goals, with a focus on students, families, staff, and the district as a whole:
Strategic Priorities
To achieve our intended impact, Student Success Profile, and overall vision and mission, we developed a set of five strategic priorities:
Over the next five years, we look forward to the continued growth of our students, families, staff, and district with the guidance of this comprehensive strategic plan.